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This is about me.

I am a recent graduate of the CUNY Hunter College, earning my Bachelor degree in Biological Sciences with the concentration in Behavioral Neuroscience. I am a member in Phi Beta Kappa honor society. I completed my Biology Honors program studies at the CUNY Hunter College in the year of 2019 and was awarded the Else Seringhaus Award and Magna Cum Laude during my Biological Science study.

I am a Medical Assistant with a solid educational background and years of experience in the healthcare setting. Medical Assistant is just my job, but most importantly, I want to serve my clients with the most comfortable and valuable experience while being treated by the Physician. I will be your friend and valuable connection, by providing direct attention and care along the way and through the most devastating time. My goal is to utilize my professional knowledge and expertise to help both my clients and their relatives to have a pleasant time while in the clinic.

I am currently applying to the Physician Assistant program with high aspirations of pursuing a career in Emergency medicine in the future. As a future health-care provider, I would like to utilize my extensive clinical and leadership experience to contribute toward relieving individuals that are suffering from any illness disease. Furthermore, I would like to engage in non-profit educational programs that bridge the gap in other non-English speaking patient population.

I am bilingual in English and Chinese.

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